Technical Notes

Polar Alignment of EQ6 and HEQ5 Mounts EQ6 SkyScan Hand Controller Wiring
EQ6 SkyScan ST4 Autoguide Port Wiring EQ6 SkyScan RS232 Wiring
EQ6 Mount Dimensions for Base Plate EQ6/SXVF-H9C Modified Cable for faulty Firmware
EQ6/SXVF-H9C Standard Cable Digital SLR Focus
Controlling the EQ6 Mount purely by a PC Adapter to Connect Canon Lenses to a CCD
Installing a Polarscope Illuminator Astrophotography
AC PSU for Canon EOS 300D DSLR Sampling Rate and Resolution
Equipment Weights Mount Dimensions Spreadsheet


How to clean a refractor


How to clean a reflector