Night conceals the World but reveals the Universe

This site has been set up with a view to documenting my progress (or lack of it!) in learning the art of Astrophotography. There will be comments on the equipment in use, how the custom pieces were made and how they perform. I will also publish the background data that I have accumulated in the quest for high quality photographs of the beautiful night skies above West Sussex, taken from the Chanctonbury Observatory.

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My book 'Making Every Photon Count' third edition
a beginner's guide to deep sky astro-photography
is now available.

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My latest book 'Dark Art or Magic Bullet?'
a beginner's guide to deep sky image processing
will - available before the end of November.

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Newest image taken from my Observatory

M51_120419_LRGB_l.jpg (319907 bytes)

Wizard The Whirlpool Galaxy (M51) 14/04/19