Making Every Photon Count

A Beginner's Guide to Deep Sky Astro-photography

Independent testimonials about the book:-

WOW (felt I should start with that)

Three months ago the astronomy bug bit again and for the last three months I have been doing as much research as I can and asking all the usual newbie questions that I could.

Whilst doing the research I also became hooked on the idea of astrophotography and as a result of my newbie questions one thing kept coming back, "buy Steve's book, Every photon counts", so last week I did and this morning I started to read it, and Read it and read it. In fact I read the whole thing in one sitting, it's great!!!!

I expected nothing but advice on just astrophotography and that's what you get but there is so many more useful tips in it like polar alignment and obs and the reference material at the end of the book is great.

It answered so many questions I had and answered questions I hadn't thought of yet

Buy buy buy
A M, London

Hi Steve,
I just wanted to say a big thank you for the book that you clearly spent many long hours writing. I first got it about a year ago at around the same time as my scope. I tried to understand it and read it, but frankly it was all going over my head.
Once I plucked up the courage to get the scope up and running I've since revisited it. Along with your section on processing, which I ran through last night and today, it all makes sense!!
So a big THANK YOU, as you have helped me so very much in the start of my astrophotography journey. I hope to build on what you have written and really improve my imaging. It's just such early days and I'm so very impatient!!
Kindest regards

I just wanted to say that I received your book today and it is fab!

I have just purchased a Williams Optics FLT110 triplet and thought your book Would be just the ticket especially after all the positive reviews on the StarGazers Lounge And Astronomy Now and it hasn't disappointed I just wanted to say that it was really nice
To get the letter from yourself with the book a very nice personal touch.

Wishing you every success with it and who knows if I get any decent photos I might send You a copy  :-)

Best wishes

Hi Steve

Just finished your book. Well done - very helpful!

G C, Oxford

Congratulations on writing a super book. I refer to it constantly whenever I need guidance, which is quite often ! It certainly saves time trawling through the internet. I was 'flicking through' your chapter 'A Permanent Observatory' and noted that you "keep an eye on proceedings remotely using the computer network". So I set to work, I set up a network and, I too, can now " keep an eye........" from the comfort of my house. What a fantastic idea. Winter, bring it on !! It was worth buying the book just for that gem. Worth an article on the forums?

Thanks again Steve, I'm really looking forward to putting it all into practice so that I can post a few decent deep sky images.
C W, Rochester

I bought a copy of your book at SGL5. It is incredibly useful - the best book on Astronomy that I have. As I bought it Steve from FLO's comment was "you won't be disappointed" and, as usual, he was right.

The text is very clearly and simply written, which I appreciate because I'm almost finished writing a finance book myself. It is also to the point and tells the beginner how to get going with images straight away rather than launching into focal lengths and field of view calculations. In particular you say how important it is to have some form of guiding, which I discovered the hard way.

I also appreciate your use of Gimp to process images, because I use Linux at home.

So, thanks SO much for writing this book. I look forward to the second edition.

Just thought I'd drop a line to say thanks for the book Steve it has been a great source of info and is brilliantly written from the basics up and I have learned a load - my only complaint would be they haven't published enough of your photos in there!
C D, Bexhill

You created a record that I don't think will ever be beaten - less than 12 hours from internet order to delivery! I am enjoying the book.
D S, Steyning

Received the book safely the other day. I've had a quick look through it and it looks great - well done!
M J, Warwickshire

The book arrived yesterday and I must say that it is exactly what I need. There is a wealth of invaluable information in there and it is clearly and systematically laid out. As a complete novice, it is often hard to find the right kind of literature when starting something like this, but here it is... perfect!
T D, Brighton

Thanks so much for the book which I have dipped into, and for our interesting conversation. I look forward to reading it through and implementing the advice it contains. It has convinced me that my Astro-Photography interest lies in deep sky objects but before I run etc. so I intend to start off this year by learning the sky and then photographing Moon and planets and next year moving on.
L M, London

Nice book it arrived this morning. Seems well laid out and in laymans terms. Not many books on the subject are.
A S-L, Olney

I have just received a copy of your new book - good service! Having read up to chapter 7 already I have to say - Why didn't you write this at least a year ago - when I started taking photographs????!!!!!! It would have saved me a huge amount of time and some money! Excellent stuff!
B B, Chelmsford